Hackers’ Identities Are Unmasked by Controversial Twitter Feed

William Turton reports that a Twitter user and account unmasking hackers’ identities created a backlash from researchers and others. The account and associated substack blog have been removed.

Going by the handle “pancak3,” the anonymous account quickly racked up over 10,000 followers thanks to the sheer volume of alleged hackers they’ve exposed. The person behind the account has received death threats from the people they named, demanding that pancak3 scrub their information, Motherboard reported.

It would be bad enough in some respects if the accusations were accurate, as you have now tipped people you are on to them and they may go underground or switch personas, but in some cases, the attributions may not have been accurate at all:

That could lead investigators on a wild goose chase, resulting in accusations against someone who may not be culpable for the alleged activity.

Read more at Bloomberg.

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