Hackers Just Leaked Personal Data of US Military Officials and it’s Legit

Waqas writes:

Ghost Squad Hackers (GSH) made their entry a few months ago by conducting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Black Lives Matter websites. The group then took part in Anonymous‘ linked operation OpIcarus against banking and financial institutions but the latest attack shows the hackers have graduated to a whole new level.

Yes, Ghost Squad Hackers have published (link removed by DataBreaches.net) US Military email accounts and personal information as part of #OpSilence campaign, the data was first uploaded to an onion site in the DarkNet and later published on other media like social networks and Pastebin.

The data was first found and analysed by Shay Rozen, cyber intelligence and Darknet expert for Hacked-DB who found out that there is a raw .txt file containing 4948 Lines of data on 2,437 US Army personals including names, emails, phone numbers, Dob, addresses, zip codes, credit card data including types, numbers, expiration date and CVV codes in plain text.

Read more on HackRead.

Curiously, Waqas does not mention that the majority of the credit card numbers in the dump expired years ago, although some appear to be current.



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