Hackers Leak Thousands of Passwords From Large Private BitTorrent Tracker

Enigmax writes:

In an unprecedented data breach, tens of thousands of usernames and passwords from large private BitTorrent tracker RevTT have been leaked onto the Internet. The attackers, who call themselves Afghanistan Hackers, leaked the user/pass combinations via The Pirate Bay. The initial response from RevTT was to censor all discussion of the data breach, even as hundreds – possibly thousands – of accounts were being used without their owners’ permission.

Read more on TorrentFreak.  Looking at the announcement and sample of data on Pastebin, it seems that the passwords are all clear-text, of if you’ve re-used login credentials across sites, you know the drill…..

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  1. Adam - September 19, 2012

    “Tens of thousands” is a bit far-fetched. 8,5k uniqe username+password combinations only. And out of those many usernames are repeated with different passwords. Apparently somebody sniffed the login transaction.

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