Hackers nab credit card data from up to 1,000 California Realtors

Jeff Collins reports:

Just over 1,000 California Association of Realtors members may have been affected by a breach of the online store they use to buy everything from blank home sales contracts and disclosure forms to books, software, magnets, lapel pins and coffee mugs.

The malware attack, which occurred from March 13 through May 15, prompted CAR subsidiary Real Estate Business Services to notify the affected 1,033 members last week their personal data may have been stolen while using payment cards such as credit cards for online purchases.

Read more on Orange County Register.

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  1. ECA - July 11, 2017

    iV, had discussions with sites about 3rd party adverts and protecting ourselves..
    So, many want us to look at these adverts, but WE DONT want infections..
    WHO is responsible?
    The main site, the 3rd party, the advertisers?
    I suggest to sites they Create their OWN direct for the company that wants an advert..Direct off of their site, that way they have control..

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