Hackers Selling Access to Critical Infrastructure on Darknet

Joshua Philipp reports:

Cyber mercenaries are breaching the systems of governments, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and businesses, then selling access to them on a marketplace on the darknet, a hidden internet accessible only via specialized software.

All of this is happening on a darknet black marketplace known as the CMarket or “Criminal Market,” formerly known as “Babylon APT.” The marketplace contains a public market, invite-only submarkets, and hacker-for-hire services ready to breach any network in any country.

The Epoch Times was provided with analysis, screenshots, and chat logs from the marketplace by darknet intelligence company BlackOps Cyber. An undercover operative for the company gained access to the marketplace’s invite-only sections and grew close to several of its top members.

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  1. ECA - July 27, 2017

    Please understand something..
    Its not the Dark net, its the OLD NET..
    And it isnt hard to get to..
    Its a learning curve to understand and USE..

    I will bet something here..and most of you may know, but NOT understand..
    When a company MAKES hardware, and needs to supply assistance, they NEED a backdoor.to reset things to NORMAL/FAIL SAFE MODE..
    Many have made it on the CLIENT SIDE, which is a good thing. BUT you have to RE-CONFIG things again…CHANGE THE PASSWORD..
    Along with this is the ability of a ISP to Change/Add updates to your modem..with out you KNOWING ANYTHING HAPPENED..
    If you know HOW, you can do it also…
    Wont talk about Hardware fails..that can FORCE it to open and allow them direct access..

    Then comes SOFTWARE..
    it can only DO so much.. and generally if you have a SMART person to set it up, it will be a SMART design..
    Having a system that AUTO CONFIGS itself is NOT GOOD.. its stagnant and stale, and Eventually it will be Broken..with a system that is Designed, and configured and updated and FLEXIBLE.. things change ENOUGH that its harder to get into..because things CHANGE.. its like a moving target, and the faster it moves and changes…the harder it is to hit..
    THIS requires a SYSOP/ADMIN to monitor it..to ADAPT IT, to tell people to CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD AND NOT 1 of the last 6 they used…TEACH them how to CREATE a password or Send a cookie into the machine they WILL USE to verify their system..and other tricks can be used, and adapted..

    A system CHANGES, IMPROVES..it does not sit and WAIT to be hacked..

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