Hackers Steal Data of Millions of Chinese Net Users

Yesterday, the Chinese internet was shaken by the news that IT portal and community CDSN has been hacked and data for its more than six million users had been stolen, including usernames and passwords. Today, reports have it that CDSN wasn’t the only site affected. Duowan, a games site, was hacked and hackers stole the data of its over eight million users. 7K7K, also a gaming site, reportedly lost data for 20 million users, and hackers also got info from 10 million accounts by hacking 178.com, another game site. Rumors are spreading that the hacks and leaked data may also have affected major social networking sites like Renren (NYSE:RENN) and Kaixin, but those claims appear to be unsubstantiated (at least for now). Full story

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