May 302016

Lorenzo Franceschai-Bicchierai reports:

On May 12, Tumblr revealed that it had just found out about a 2013 data breach affecting “a set” of users’ email addresses and passwords, but the company refused to reveal how many users were affected.

As it turns out, that number is 65 million, according to an independent analysis of the data.

Troy Hunt, a security researcher who maintains the data breach awareness portal Have I Been Pwned, recently obtained a copy of the stolen data set.

Read more on Motherboard.

  One Response to “Hackers Stole 65 Million Passwords From Tumblr, New Analysis Reveals”

  1. First OKCupid (yes, it was a scraping, not really a hack, but still), then Linkedin, now Tumblr.. TOTALLY f#$ed up world we live in.

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