Hackers Strip Nigerian Exchange Of $15,000 Worth Of Bitcoins

Iyke Aru reports:

CEO of the Nigerian Bitcoin exchange, Naira4Dollar, Ejezie Sunday has allegedly had $15,000 worth of Bitcoins stolen from his company’s wallet on blockchain.info.

Hackers are getting more sophisticated, and recovering stolen funds is a complicated procedure.

Sunday told CoinTelegraph:

“We ran out of stock on Tuesday March 15, 2016, and had to buy $15,000 worth of Bitcoins, valued at N4,575,000”, Sunday told CoinTelegraph.

“We actually needed Perfect Money, but since we couldn’t get that at that time, we bought Bitcoins, with the hope of trading for Perfect Money. On getting to the office, I logged into the company’s wallet but didn’t find any BitcoinCT r:  8 (I had received and confirmed the $15,000 earlier). It was a huge shock as I yelled out, we’ve been hacked!

Immediately, I noticed that the transaction was yet to be confirmed, so I tried by every means I could to contact blockchain.info. Unfortunately I didn’t get any reply, neither did I have any idea on how to stop the transaction. I painfully watched as the transaction was confirmed and all funds moved into the hacker’s wallet.”

When he finally heard back from blockchain.info, they informed him that there was nothing they could do.

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