Hackers target Georgia Southern, Augusta restaurants

So if you want to prove a hacking bill is a bad idea, engaging in black hat/grey hat activities may not be the best way to persuade people.

Tom Corwin reports:

A hacking group upset with Georgia legislation that could criminalize what they do targeted Georgia Southern University and two Augusta restaurants in an ongoing campaign to draw attention to what it thinks will be the unintended consequences of that bill.

The group calls itself SB315 after Senate Bill 315, which would make unauthorized computer access illegal in Georgia, according to a hacker who identified himself as Dave who uses the email address augustadave. He said the group is scattered around the state between Augusta and Atlanta, with one member in Savannah and one in Aiken.

The hackers are threatening to retaliate if Gov. Nathan Deal signs the legislation, which they think will make illegal the kind of vulnerability and penetration testing some cybersecurity professionals do to find and report weaknesses in websites and computer systems. Some academics in Georgia worry that it will also create problems for them in terms of their research programs and that terms in the legislation are overly vague.

The hackers appear to have modified the websites for Augusta restaurants Blue Sky Kitchen and Soy Noodle House, posting the same message it left last week on the website of an Augusta church, Calvary Baptist.

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