Hackers target private schools in U.K.

Teri Robinson reports:

Hackers apparently are taking advantage of poorly secured systems at private schools in the U.K., nicking identifying data, typically through phishing attacks, that they could then use to target parents with fake invoices and other means of cybercrime.

The Information Commissioner’s Office noted a case of a private school attack, and the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association’s chief executive said that cyberattacks have graduated from being an “isolated incident” to a serious concern, with fraudsters likely being “one step ahead,” according to a report in the Telegraph.

Read more on SC Magazine.  Maybe I’m under-caffeinated right now, but I don’t recall seeing reports like this in the U.S. – phishing private schools to obtain parental contact info and then attempting to defraud parents by issuing a new invoice with the fraudster’s account info. Has anyone seen much of that here in the U.S.? If so, please contact me with details.


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