Hackers target Ventura County’s Office of Education web system

John Scheibe reports:

The websites of numerous school districts in Ventura County went offline Wednesday morning after hackers targeted certain systems operated by the Ventura County Office of Education.

“Our tech team is working on this now,” David Schermer, communication manager for the office, said Wednesday morning of the cyber attack.

The websites for the office as well as Conejo Unified, Ventura Unified, Moorpark Unified, Mupu, Santa Clara Elementary and Briggs Elementary school districts were temporarily taken down. All of the websites, seven total, were back online by about 3 p.m.

Those who visited the websites found a message that the pages were down for maintenance.

Schermer learned early Wednesday that his agency’s webpage had been hacked. The hack involved sending users to a group’s webpage where pro-ISIS views were posted, he said. Ventura Unified’s also had the same problem.

Read more on Ventura County Star.

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  1. ECA - June 29, 2017

    Sounds more like a trick…someone got a BAD grade or kicked out..

    I wont mention the idea that Someone may be messing with us, Just to point fingers..and force a situation..
    Its already known tha tthe FBI has been instigating Kids to do things and then Arresting them..

  2. Doug Levin - June 30, 2017

    @ECA – nope. More details: “Some people looking for information on some education related websites in Ventura County were shocked to find themselves redirected to pro-ISIS websites.” See: http://kclu.org/post/cyberattack-hits-some-education-websites-south-coast#stream/0

    • ECA - July 1, 2017

      “cyberattack which hit some government websites across the country, sending them to pages with information about a terrorist’s group impacted some public education agencies on the South Coast.”

      It wasnt local…and it hit Other sites besides Schools..mostly State sites.. but consider what that takes..
      ALSO: there is a simple trick with an Instant backup…Where you do a SITE CHECKSUM, and if there are any changes, it just reloads the site from the Backup data..
      If the person or Company that created the site doesnt KNOW this trick…I would look for a better SITE builder and protection..

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