Hackers Vow to Attack More Websites after Ottawa.ca

The dancing banana is just the beginning, Aerith vows.

Sam Dixon reports that a group of hackers has defaced the Ottawa City Hall’s web site, but more threateningly, has vowed to target eight other Canadian institutions, including the police and Supreme Court.

On Saturday, the group warned that the defacement of Ottawa.ca was “just the start,” adding

“we will not rest, we have already hacked Ottawa police’s mail server, stolen all email logs incoming and outgoing. We will be posting those shortly. We are going to be defacing the Ottawa Police’s website later, and are working on getting into the Supreme Court of Canada’s website right now.”

Read more on Oye! Times.

CBC News reports that the Ottawa Police Service’s website

stopped responding around 6:30 p.m., with visitors attempting to reach the site greeted by a blank page with an error message. The Supreme Court of Canada’s website shut down the same way shortly after.

The Twitter account the group was using, @aerithxor, appears to be suspended at the time of this posting. The Ottawa Police site is online, and the police are reportedly investigating to determine if they were hacked.

CTV News has more background on why Aerith targeted the Ottawa City Hall and police, here.

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