Hackers who hacked CIA Director’s personal e-mail claim hack of FBI database

Nathan Ingraham reports:

Earlier this year, a hacking group broke into the personal email account of CIA director John Brenner and published a host of sensitive attachments that it got its hands on (yes, Brenner should not have been using his AOL email address for CIA business). Now, Wired reports the group has hit a much more sensitive and presumably secure target: a law enforcement portal that contains arrest records as well as tools for sharing info around terrorist events and active shooters. There’s even a real-time chat system built in for the FBI to communicate with other law enforcement groups around the US.

The group has since published a portion the data it collected to Pastebin and Cryptobin

Read more on Engadget. The group also hacked the personal email accounts of FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano and his wife, as Hacker News reported.

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