Hackers Wipe VFEmail Servers, May Shut Down After Catastrophic Data Loss

Sergiu Gatlan reports:

The U.S. servers of privacy-focused e-mail provider VFEmail were hacked into on February 11 and all the data was destroyed, on both the main and the backup systems.

According to VFEmail’s owner, the hackers did not leave a ransom note and, given the extent of the destruction, the service will most likely go offline to never return.

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VFEmail’s last tweet was yesterday (Feb. 11):

This is all I can do at this time. I will need to get into the datacenter to see if the one file server I caught during formatting can be recovered. If it can, we can restore mail, but most of the infrastructure is lost..

And 9 hours ago, @Havokmon tweeted that yes, VFEmail is effectively gone and likely would not return.

This is both incredibly sad and chilling.


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