Hacking Team Bypassing Google’s Checks Underlines Play Store’s Security Problems

Manish Singh reports:

In the aftermath of a mega security breach of Hacking Team, an Italian company consisting of a group of professional hackers, startling revelations continue to pour in. The latest to hit the shore is a loophole in Google Play’s security checks that allowed a malicious app developed by the Hacking Team to find its way to the store. The finding once again raises the question whether Android’s marquee app store is a safe marketplace for consumers.

Security firm Trend Micro has discovered an app developed by the Hacking Team that managed to circumvent Google’s security checks and find its way into Google Play. The Trojan horse – which went by the name BeNews and has been pulled down since – disguised itself as a news app, and downloaded tools that triggered remote access in the background. Google pulled the app from the store before it could gain much traction, however, security experts believe that the underlying technique may have been used in other apps as well, and it is likely to be copied by other groups.

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