Hacking Team hacked, all files dumped (Update 2)

As seen on Twitter tonight:

Their Twitter profile has also been, er… edited… to “Hacked Team:”

@hackingteam Developing ineffective, easy-to-pwn offensive technology to compromise the operations of the worldwide law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Expect to see more on this one after folks have a chance to explore the leaked data. So far, I don’t see anyone claiming credit for this hack, but perhaps I’ve missed something. Note: DataBreaches.net emailed Hacking Team to ask for a response to the claimed hack and data dump, and will update this post if a response is received.

Update1 (Monday morning, early): No reply from Hacking Team so far, but it appears they have regained control of their Twitter account.  As people go through the data dump, the revelations are coming as no surprise. As Tim Cushing reports, for example:

What has been exposed so far shows Hacking Team has been lying about its business partners. It claims to only sell to NATO partners and blacklists oppressive governments. But its “Customer” Wiki appears to show that it counts such countries as Kazakhstan, Sudan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Malaysia as partners. Screenshots of emails accessed by Hacking Team’s hackers show the company circumventing local regulations and restrictions on the export of exploits and spyware by using third party resellers.

Steve Ragan is posting updates to the situation, many based on tweets from from those searching the torrent.  This morning, he notes that some employees of Hacking Team have responded on Twitter, although their own Twitter accounts may have been hacked as well.

Update 2: @GammaGroupPR appears to be taking responsibility/credit for the hack:

For a list of Hacking Team’s clients, see this post on PogoWasRight.org. For background on the firm’s questionable sales, see this report on PrivacyInternational.org and these articles by The Citizen Lab


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  1. Razor - July 8, 2015

    [link to torrent deleted by moderator]
    Their Data Dump is here.

    • Dissent - July 8, 2015

      There are numerous links/mirrors by now. Thanks for posting one, but because I haven’t examined each one to determine safety, I deleted the link. 🙂

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