Hacking VS Extortion, Hacker attempts to extort websites

Extortion has been around since the turn of time and in recent years more and more "hackers" are using this method to try and bully their victims into paying money to prevent their websites or services being hacked. This week it has come to light that a hacker using the handle @RexMundi_Anon has been attempting to extort several company’s. Now I’m no lawyer but what is happening is very clear as you will see from the below message which is placed in a post that has been published to pastebin.com.

Dear friends and foes, We have been busy little bees this week, hacking our way into over 300 Belgian lending and insurance websites (full list below). What do all of these websites have in common? Well, they have all been designed by the same company called Webassur (https://www.webassur.be). The geniuses running this company apparently thought it would be a bold, brave idea to store all of their websites’data into the same SQL database. In other words, once we managed to hack into one of them, we immediately got access to each and every other website designed by Webassur. The data we stole includes the personal details of each customer of Webassur, along with details about insurance and loan applications made of the websites. We have offered Webassur not to release this data for the paltry sum of five thousand Euros, but, unfortunately, as of today, they have not complied with our demands. If someone trusts you with the security of their data, the least you could do, in our opinion, is to man up if your server gets breached and pay up. Webassur has until next Monday to pay us. If not, well, their customers’ data will end up on the Internet, just like Credipret’s and AmeriCash Advance’s. Rex Mundi

Ok now you can see what we have seen, what do you think? its quite clear that this is a pure attempt to get money out of the company’s and the hacker is making threats that data and information will be leaked by Monday if it doesn’t happen. Webassur The direct threat here is going out to a company named Webassur (webassur.be) which is a company that provides services for website creation with CMS(content management system). In the paste that has the above message well over client website are listed and the main threat is to leak all their information from each of the websites databases. List of sites and original paste: (pastebin.com/4JgZ9vQf) CrediPet Last week from the same hacker we seen a paste from the same hacker attacking a company named CrediPet (redipret.fr) which is a French based credit company, the attack had all threats as the recent one and within 2 days of the original post a  further leak of data happened. **CrediPet **threat: (pastebin.com/N3LBcfj8) **CrediPet **leak that contains a list of personal details including transaction details from clients. pastebin.com/crUqcs7f (pastebin.com/u/RexMundi) More on this as it comes to light….

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