Hacktivist who conspired to hack high school football website sentenced to 2 years

Cyrus Farivar reports that Deric Lostutter, aka “KYAnonymous,” whose case has been followed on this site since 2015, was sentenced to two years in federal prison.  Lostutter had been instrumental in leaking evidence concerning the Steubenville rape case.

Lostutter initially denied his involvement. But in November 2016, he reversed himself and took a plea agreement in exchange for the prosecution dropping two of the four counts, including the hacking charge under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. (The other two counts—conspiracy and making false statements—remained.)

“Not surprised by sentence, which is a year more than one of the rapists got,” Tor Ekeland, Lostutter’s attorney, told Ars by text message on Wednesday. “And on par with what one of the [other] rapists got.”

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