Hacktivists attack UK police sites to protest arrest of Julian Assange

Hacktivism is seeing a resurgence recently, in no small part fueled by the arrest of Julian Assange. #Op hashtags for the UK, Sweden, and Ecuador signal the intent of the attackers.

The police.uk site was back up at the time of this posting, but that was just one site hit. Rogue Media Labs reported that @Cyberghost404 of the Philippine Cyber Eagles (@PhCyberEagles) released a data dump with data from more than two dozen UK police-related agencies. The data dump, obtained by DataBreaches.net, does not appear to leak particularly sensitive personal information, and it is not clear what site the data were obtained from. The files, including spread sheets on stop-and-searches, organized by police unit/location, and outcomes, seem to be February data that was accessed or dumped at the beginning of April.

I suppose the question for now is:  what other files might these hacktivists have acquired that they have yet to dump?

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