Haddonfield students arrested in computer hacking

Another hack-to-change-grades scheme?

Several Haddonfield Memorial High School students are under police investigation on accusations they hacked into the school’s computer system.

The breach was discovered in the last few days, and the students, whom school district officials declined to identify, have been turned over to local police and the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

At a regularly scheduled meeting with parents to discuss end-of-year activities, principal Michael Wilson said the FBI might get involved in the investigation.

The students used a keystroke-logging program installed on computers at the high school to capture the user names and passwords of anyone using one of the rigged computers.

With that data, they gained access to an internal information system on which the school posts grades, class schedules, attendance, even the status of homework assignments for students and their parents to view.

In an e-mail to students and parents, Wilson said the students had gained access to about 200 of the nearly 2,000 accounts that have access to the computer system at the high school.

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