Hamilton Beach e-commerce sites compromised; customers notified

J. Press wasn’t the only company reporting a server breach that occurred on or about January 5.  Hamilton Beach has also notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office of a breach that occurred on January 5.

The company reports that they discovered some “hacker code” had been inserted on a dedicated server that hosts www.hamiltonbeach.com and www.proctorsilex.com.  The code resulted in the capture of customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and credit card information before the data would be encrypted for transmission.

According to their letter, the captured data were sent to two email accounts:  [email protected] and [email protected]

Hamilton Beach’s response appears swift and thorough. In addition to shutting down the site, isolating and removing the code, contacting the 24 affected customers by email and telephone, and contacting credit card companies, they also contacted Google and the FBI.

With such a great response, I looked to see if they offered customers any free services.  And lo and behold, they hadn’t.

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