Hannibal Leaks More Accounts And Makes More Threats

Yet again Hannibal has dumped another load of accounts online today, claiming they are from Arabs which could be true, but most accounts have been reset or are in the process of being. Hannibal is also trying to claim as we made early reports that the Iran government is making death threats to him. From this he has produce a claimed screen shot of a email, which could of easily been made up. Some points to notice is that the email is meant to be from the Deputy minister but comes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs email.The English and grammar that is used in it is also very much like the first release’s from Hannibal as well. Either way you can judge if this is real or not. The more recent message from Hannibal also states that on Saturday there will be over 100,000 more accounts leaked.

Hi I now publish the letter he sent me deputy prime minister of Iran Funny to me that he had time to go into a mailbox and curse and threaten me .. Mr. Muhammad, you do not scare anyone! You never find me !!!!! Say thank you at least who censored you the email .. Link to the picture : https://i40.tinypic.com/143mkpk.png State of Iran, I’m so going to teach you a lesson soon Today I post about 25 000 e-mail accounts and Facebook accounts of arabs to my new permanent procedure.. On Saturday night I will publish new list of 100,000 emails and Facebook accounts

So yet again the world will be waiting to see if they have been compromised and in the mean time hackers are going wild dumping information like its a new fashion.

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