Hannibal Release’s More Accounts, makes more threats to Arabs

Well i do not know where to start with this one, Hannibal is starting to show his/her childish side now, making up storys and threats and leaking out pointless data and making false statements about the data. Lets start with the latest press release from Hannibal that comes along with what he/her said is 10,000 Facebook accounts when there is lucky to even be over 1000 there. He has also claimed that Israeli Iranian first Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi has sent him death threats,  i really find this unlikely. Hannibal finishes the statement off with a typical threat to the world. "Soon I will reveal another surprise. The most cruel surprise. Be prepared to Arabs!"

Here Hannibal Currently, I published on 100,000 emails and Facebook accounts of Arabs and Muslims around the world And I will continue to publish tens of thousands every day, after all I have got about 30 million e-mails of Arabs. Unfortunately today I received an email from Mohammad Reza Rahimi who threatens that would raise most of his men to find me and kill me I assure you Mr. Fool, you can keep looking as you want, you will not find me even if you have a staff of 1,000 people who search for and carry out search for information about me. I post today about 10,000 Facebook and email accounts. In addition, I give hackers attacking the State of Israel a huge threat from me. Soon I will reveal another surprise. The most cruel surprise. Be prepared to Arabs! Follow me to get more updates : pastebin.com/u/hannibal

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