Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this holiday!

For those who will miss out on their family get-together because they are serving their community as firefighters, medics, police, soldiers…. thank you for the sacrifices you make today so that the rest of us can enjoy this occasion.

As always, I am grateful for those who regularly read this blog and share their thoughts and other articles they find.  And I am eternally grateful to the researchers and sources who share their findings so that we can all learn more about the (sorry) state of our data security.

Mistakes will be made today — and I’m not talking about my cooking, although possibly, that, too.  Breaches will happen and thousands of people will have their data exposed or stolen or misused. And eventually maybe we’ll find out about some of it.

But for now back to cooking and cleaning here…. see you all tomorrow when posting will resume.


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