Happy Thanksgiving


2020 has been so brutal that it feels almost risky to wish people a Happy Thanksgiving because I know that there are families who have lost loved ones this year and other families who are heeding advice not to travel or to gather in the large get-togethers you might otherwise enjoy on this holiday.

Whether you are by yourself today or with a few people, whether you can’t be with the ones you love or can, maybe there’s something you can find to be thankful for.

As always, DataBreaches.net is thankful for those regular readers who keep me motivated to find and check into news.  And I am   thankful for those who regularly send news leads to my sites, like Joe Cadillic, @Chum1ngo, and @fanCRTCProfling,  those who freely share with me what they are finding for their own projects like @SchizoDuckie, @K12CyberMap, @amvinfe, and @VERISDB, and a number of researchers who I do not name in my reporting at their request but who have been sharing their findings with me to share with you.

And also as always, this site and blogger are grateful to Lee Johnstone for helping me keep my sites running, and Covington & Burling, who have provided pro bono legal assistance to help me fend off baseless lawsuit threats for committing journalism.

If I’ve forgotten to mention anyone, let’s chalk it up to the fact that I’m old and I forget. But I am grateful to you all.

News coverage on PogoWasRight.org and DataBreaches.net will resume tonight.

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