Hard Drive Containing Students’ Personal Info Goes Missing at Messiah College

From WGAL:

A computer hard drive containing personal information about tens of thousands of current, former and prospective Messiah College students disappeared about two weeks ago, a representative of the small private college said Monday.

The external hard drive — which backed up information on a laptop in the financial aid department — contained data like social security numbers, transcripts and dates of birth. A total of 43,000 students, alumni and prospectives and some of their parents from 1994 to 2010 are affected.


The hard drive disappeared from the financial aid department Nov. 1, but whether anyone has been disciplined over the matter cannot be disclosed because that would be a personnel matter, Messiah College spokeswoman Beth Lorow said.


Lorow said not every affected person’s social security number is on the missing hard drive. Messiah used several data entry systems between 1994 and 2010, and those entry systems required different information.

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