Has MEGA Failed Already, Exposed, Site Unstable and Twitter hacked!

mega Kim dot com announced his new file sharing service MEGA (https://mega.co.nz/) on this week and ever since it has been trouble for him it seems. With constant questions about its TOS and privacy as well as the site being "flooded by users" within its opening hours and now the twitter account has been breached. Last night it all started with complaints of the site being inaccessible due to time outs and i even questioned this with a simple stuck up response of "use a real browser"(see below for screen cap) from kim dot com. since then heaps of people have been complaining about it and it appears that MEGA just was not ready for the amount of traffic that came which suggests that no server testing was done. > The massive global PR around the #Mega launch is simply to big to handle for our start-up. I apologize for poor service quality — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 21, 2013

Also last night a user who account is now suspended @CouncilOfZues tweeted at us claiming the site was being attacked. asdad Today it appears that some one has taken control of the @MEGAdotCo twitter account and is retweeting its fail announcements from other users maximum-stirner-megadotco-on-twitter Also @YourAnonNews has been calling for a boycott of MEGA and its services due to a trust issue with Kim and his previous dealings with anti-piracy groups after an article on wired has been brought back into the public eye as a reminder. > Wired: [email protected]kimdotcom "Assisted U.S. Prosecution of Smaller File-Sharing Service."bit.ly/VlBxCi #MEGA — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) January 22, 2013

In solidarity with NinjaVideo pirates rotting in jail after @kimdotcom snitched them out to DHS, we call for a boycott of all #MEGA services — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) January 22, 2013

Last year Anonymous was behind a very strong operation that was in the name of MegaUpload, OpMegaUpload so i guess this may be the start to OpMegaUpload2 but this time against them and not for them. So is MEGA really safe or is this all a media stunt to get attention? below is some further reading so you can make up your own mind. – https://www.zdnet.com/mega-users-if-youre-hacked-once-youre-hacked-for-life-7000010054/

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