“HBO is Falling” leak site disappears?

So after grabbing headlines with their announcement that they had hacked HBO,  “Mr. Smith” and those behind the attack haven’t responded to follow-up inquiries from this site and the leak site they had created appears to be down.

Early iteration of their leak site pointed to a Twitter account in an employee’s name. That account, which contained screenshots demonstrating access and a link to the leak site, was subsequently suspended by Twitter. Screenshot by DataBreaches.net.

Claiming to have acquired 1.5 T of HBO data and property, the hackers claimed to have acquired “confidential stuff that blaze your eyes:”

Screenshot by DataBreaches.net.

A later version of the leak site linked to scripts and downloadable episodes of HBO series such as Game of Thrones (S7 E3-4, Script & Film), Ballers (S3 E1-2-3), Barry 101 (E1-2), Room 104 (E2-3), and Insecure (S2 E2).  The Viviane Passwords archive appears to contain login credentials used by Viviane Eisenberg, HBO’s SVP and legal counsel, for various accounts.  DataBreaches.net did not attempt to test the login credentials, but note that they were all in clear text, and the employee appeared to have a preferred password that was reused across accounts.

The data leak contained purported scripts/summaries of Game of Thrones Episodes 3 and 4. Content redacted by DataBreaches.net so as not to spoil things for anyone.

So who are these hackers and why are they doing this to HBO? We don’t know, and so far, DataBreaches.net has been unable to get an answer to that question. This post will be updated if more information becomes available.

Update: So a friend informs me that the downloads are still available if you know how/where to access them, even though the leak site is not responding.


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  1. misterx - August 2, 2017

    Please give some clues to download it

    • Dissent - August 2, 2017

      Ah…. that wouldn’t be consistent with this site’s policy. Sorry/not sorry. I don’t mean to tease readers, but I do think it’s newsworthy whether files are still available or not.

      • WQYU - August 8, 2017

        So than why do you even say this “So a friend informs me that the downloads are still available if you know how/where to access them, even though the leak site is not responding.”, if you don’t mean to tease readers than you shouldn’t post it.

        • Dissent - August 8, 2017

          Fair question. For accuracy sake, I felt a need to correct my earlier report that they were no longer available – because I found out that they were. It wasn’t intended to tease or frustrate readers.

          • Anonymous - August 8, 2017

            I demand a link!

          • Dissent - August 8, 2017

            LOL….. if just demanding things would only make them happen, I’d have a Shelby Cobra…

          • Belz - August 8, 2017

            “How do you turn this on?” will help with that Cobra

          • Dissent - August 8, 2017

            The only thing that will help with that Cobra is winning some lottery, I think.

            Maybe in my next lifetime…. 🙁

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