He thought he was logging in to his cryptocurrency account. Then hackers stole his life savings.

Ken Dilanian and Michelle Cho report:

A few days before Christmas last year, Philip Martin sat in front of his computer to check his cryptocurrency balance. It was the beginning of what would become, for him, an ongoing nightmare.

Martin told NBC News he thought he was typing the web address for his cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, the biggest and best-known company for consumers to store their digital money. But in fact, he says, hackers had put a bug on the url that sent him to a fake web site, which prompted him to automatically enter his log-in and password.

The crooks now had all the information they needed to steal his life savings — and they did. Martin became the latest victim in what has been a wave of cryptocurrency hacks and thefts, one that experts say raises questions about whether better regulation is needed.

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