‘Headlight Hackers’ Are Stealing Cars Via CAN Interference

Adrianna Nine reports:

Car thieves have found a sophisticated new way to snatch vehicles off the streets, and it’s called “headlight hacking.” The method involves accessing a car’s Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, a system that allows multiple devices within a vehicle build to communicate with each other in real time.

Ian Tabor, an automotive cybersecurity researcher, first began tracking the trend last spring. Tabor woke up to find the front bumper missing from his Toyota RAV4 and the headlight wiring plug yanked out. A screwdriver mark indicated that the vandalism had been intentional. Three months later, Tabor found that someone had pulled the bumper away in the middle of the night to unplug the driver’s side headlight. Then, after three days, whoever had been playing the long game with Tabor’s car finished the deed: The RAV4 disappeared from the curb in front of Tabor’s home.

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