Health-care company, state deny personal data was at risk

Scott Bauer reports:

The security of a database containing sensitive information about 240,000 senior citizens and disabled people in Wisconsin was never breached or at risk, the chief executive of the company that controls the data said Thursday.

A top official with the state Department of Health and Family Services also sought to assure the state’s senior citizens, saying their personal information was never in jeopardy.

The statements came in spite of an e-mail from a state official who said he had identified a “significant security hole” with the database and a comment from a senior center volunteer who said he had found a problem that could lead to thousands of records being compromised.


Tonya Harmon, chief executive officer of Virginia-based Harmony Information Systems, said the system has never been breached. She said Buhr is mistaken if he thinks the information was vulnerable.

“The state and I both agree that there has been no security breach,” she said. “No client data has been exposed at all. The gentleman is mistaken in what he thought he could have seen or done.”

Buhr, who worked on data security for the state during his 41-year career before leaving in 2006 and starting his own data security company, disagreed with Harmon.

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