Health Net disputes CT AG's statement

Emily Berry reports that Health Net has responded to statements by the Attorney General of Connecticut by claiming that there is no proof that a breach earlier this year was due to theft:

Citing a report by Kroll, a security firm Health Net hired to investigate, Blumenthal said in a Dec. 7 announcement that Health Net’s story contradicted what its own consultants found.


Blumenthal noted that two laptops were stolen from the same building around the same time, supporting the possibility that the disk was stolen, not lost.

He also said that although Health Net claimed that the data on the disk could be read only with proprietary software, Kroll noted that “common, commercially available” software could decode it.


In response to Blumenthal’s comments, Health Net released its own statement: “The [Kroll] report states that there could have been numerous scenarios that explained the disappearance of the missing drive, and that there was insufficient evidence to determine which, if any, of the scenarios was the most likely.”


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