Health Net Loses Information for 450,000 Clients: AG

Health Net, whose motto is “A Better Decision,” may have made a very very bad decision in not informing consumers of a breach involving their protected health information and sensitive personal information.

Leanne Gendreau reports:

The personal information for almost half a million Connecticut residents could be at risk after a hard drive disappeared from Health Net six months ago.

The hard drive disappeared from Health Net’s Shelton office in May, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said.

Health Net is a regional health plan and the drive included health information, social security number and bank account numbers for all 446,000 Connecticut patients, he said. The information had been compressed, but not encrypted, although a specialized computer program is required to read it.

Blumenthal said he’s “outraged” that the company never told customers or police and only told the AG on Wednesday.

Read more on NBC.

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