Hearings Begin On Target Data Breach: Target CFO to testify tomorrow

Esme Murphy reports:

Congress began a series of hearings Monday before a Senate banking subcommittee into the massive data breach at Target and other retailers.

Lawmakers grilled the Secret Service about when Target told them about the breach, and another hearing is slated for Tuesday. That’s when Target CFO John Mulligan will be in the hot seat.

On Monday, members of Congress focused on whether companies, including Target, delayed informing law enforcement officials and the public.

Read more on CBS Minnesota, where you can also watch a clip from today’s hearing. If you missed the hearing and want to watch the whole of today’s hearing, you can view it on C-Span (1 hr, 49 minutes).

Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding its own hearing on “Privacy in the Digital Age: Preventing Data Breaches and Combating Cybercrime.” Target CFO John Mulligan is slated to be a witness on the first panel. The hearing begins and 10:15 am and will be streamed online. More details and the schedule can be found here.

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