Heartland Data Breach: Maine Credit Union Says Reported Fraud has Tripled

Some interesting insights into the impact of the Heartland breach on a small credit union are provided in a BankInfoSecurity story:

Last week [HealthFirst Credit Union of Waterville] in Maine thought it had seen the last of the Heartland Payment Systems data breach that had affected 261 of its members’ credit cards. Officials now report they weren’t as lucky as they thought. The number of compromised cards now has tripled, and the fraud reported may top $70,000. Heartland Payment Systems data breach coverage


Quirion expresses frustration at what the credit union’s members and employees are being subjected to because of this breach. “The cost of replacing the cards is around $2,500, and we are a tiny credit union, and our employees ‘wear many hats,’ We’ve all been involved in blocking compromised cards, ordering new cards, and calling members regarding the breach since January 12,” she says.

Quirion estimated that the employees at the credit union have spent about 300 hours to date working on containing the breach’s fallout among its members.

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