Heartland says breach has cost $32 million so far

Heartland Payment Systems on Tuesday (Aug. 4) said it spent $32 million this year paying for costs related to the major data breach it disclosed in January, including $22.1 million to cover fines from key payment card brands and a settlement offer. Heartland did not say how the $22.1 million was split between the fines and the settlement offer, but it did provide clues.

For example, the breach costs of just the second quarter came to $19.4 million and it said that the “majority” of those costs was for the settlement offer, suggesting that the settlement was more than $9.7 million. Legal fees make that precise calculation tricky as well as the lack of a percentage of that majority. “The remainder of the expenses and accruals related to the Processing System Intrusion recorded in the three and six months ended June 30, 2009 were primarily for legal fees and costs the Company incurred for investigations, remedial actions and crisis management services,” Heartland said.

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