Heartland: Judge to Hear Motions to Dismiss Suits

Linda McGlasson of BankInfoSecurity.com updates us on the status of lawsuits against Heartland Payment Systems and Heartland’s motion to dismiss:

There are two class action suits — one on the consumer side and the second on behalf of the financial institutions affected by the massive breach. Earlier in June, a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) panel decided the suits would be held in Houston.

A separate set of securities cases, all filed in New Jersey, will be consolidated and brought to one court later this fall. The MDL panel will decide on those cases in October, Coffman notes. “Heartland is trying to get them consolidated and heard in Houston as well,” he says.


Coffman said that the biggest battle during the August 24 hearing was discovery; specifically, what Heartland will be required to produce now and what will be deferred until next spring after Heartland’s anticipated motion to dismiss is argued. Heartland already has filed a motion with the Court asking that all discovery be stayed until after the Court rules on the motion to dismiss. Coffman anticipated that the Court will rule on Heartland’s motion to stay discovery shortly.

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