Help Us Tell Telly That They Have Exposed 8M Subscribers!

RBS writes:

We need your help to contact an organization that has thus far been unresponsive to numerous notifications that we have sent about a discovered data breach!  Read on to understand the issue and see how you can help!

We know that we have become a bit of a broken record when it comes to data breaches, and more specifically when it comes to unsecured databases recently. It’s no secret there are tens of thousands of open, unsecured databases of all types and sizes just sitting out there on the Internet, waiting to have their data plucked off, plundered or otherwise compromised by anyone with the time and inclination to do so.

It was no surprise when our researchers recently came across an open MongoDB installation containing data on more than 8 million users. What was surprising – and disappointing – is what has happened after the discovery.

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