Henry County residents’ information is exposed in hacking

The Toledo Blade reports:

Henry County was targeted by a “ransomware” attack that may have exposed more than 17,000 county voters’ personal information, Henry County Commission President Glenn Miller said Tuesday.

The county last week sent a letter to 17,841 voters to notify them of the computer hacking incident that occurred Oct. 31. County officials also offered a free year of service from a credit-monitoring company.

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Once again, being able to restore from backup saves the day….

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  1. Billy Reuben - December 8, 2016

    Was Henry County’s response an over-reaction, or is this what is required by disclosure laws these days? If no data was exfiltrated, why the need for credit monitoring? And just exactly how would a vote ‘get lost’?

    These comments are not criticisms. Where I’m going, I guess, is questioning if such responses are over-the-top on purpose to deflect any potential blowback from having to share such incidents with regulatory and law enforcement authorities.

    • Dissent - December 8, 2016

      All good questions. My sense that was that they decided to “err on the side of caution,” as some might say. As to votes getting lost, well, I think that was just a pre-emptive statement to avert people claiming election tampering.

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