Hewlett employee accused of stealing credit card information

Jeff Lipton reports in Herald Community Newspapers:

A 19-year-old cashier at a Hewlett (NY) pharmacy was arrested last week and charged with several counts of identity theft after she allegedly used a device to copy credit card information from customers which was then used to make more than $8,000 in illegal purchases, investigators said.

The suspect, Aziza Sattar of Beach Channel Drive in Far Rockaway, was employed at Duane Reade, 1338 Broadway, late last year when she allegedly used a skimming device to duplicate customers credit cards without their knowledge, according to detectives at the Crimes Against Property (CAP) Squad of the Nassau County Police Department.


Sattar, who was working for the pharmacy for a few months, is accused of using the device to scan the cards of at least seven customers from Dec. 3 through Dec. 15, 2007, detectives said…. It’s seven cases at this time, but it could be more.

The alleged scam was brought to the attention of investigators when unusual charges started popping up on the customers credit card bills. Investigators traced it back to Duane Reade and Sattar, who was the common denominator in all of this, said Schepis. The credit card company, in this case Citibank, said the customers will not be responsible for the unauthorized charges, detectives said.


In a statement following the arrest, the Duane Reade company said: The safety and privacy of our customers is a top priority at Duane Reade, and we are vigilant about protecting our consumers from fraudulent activity. We monitor all store purchases, immediately report irregular transactions and work proactively with banks, credit card companies and law enforcement to prevent fraud in all Duane Reade stores.

Full story – Herald Community Newspapers

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