@Hex00010 turns tables and makes threats to start releasing SCADA Exploits

SCADA Ftp login SCADA Ftp login @Hex00010 recently released a full list of scada system details along side a article that explians that they are not closed circut as many expected and that they do indeed have exploits. Well this morning it would seem @Hex00010 is a bit angry at the obama government for what they are doing, Hex has made claim that over the past months he has contacted many people about these issues and none of them have yet to be fixed, so once again the hackers pleas for a government based company or system have fallen on deaf ears. SCADA Ftp login @Hex00010 has released a pastebin statement that goes pretty deep into why he is doing this and it also states that over the coming days more exploits will be published to prove that these systems are exploitable.         The press release: iLon SCADA control systems Exploit This is deemed by far the worlds probably dangerous exploit for SCADA systems this year The USA Government has failed me and im still going to stand my morals But who said the others wont? You see i figured why not let Society tell the Government what they want to hear So this is what i propose to you all I give you my word this message will be heard How? Easy im going to do something every fucking white hat in this godam fucking world will hate 🙂 ive had this planned out ever since 9:30 this morning when i read this article about Barack Obama https://www.glennbeck.com/2012/06/15/“this-is-what-a-dictator-does-obama-enacts-dream-act-without-vote-or-exec-order/ Watch the video Now you tell me how you guys feel having to work all fucking day to get paid some little money here and there while we have our brothers up in congress trying to " help " the USA and make it a better place Well i do recall a right we the people have and its when we feel the USA government has gone overboard to put it in nice terms – And they know we have the right to throw there asses out But you see you guys are so FUCKING STUPID you dont fucking see it You guys have been blinded by the media , you fail to do research on your own , and you listen to what everyone else says and automatically think its true its because of this our country is in a shit hole – and its going to get worst WAYYYYYYYYY fucking worst and let me tell i told you this and when it happens you guys will be like ahhhh shit and ill be like well u should have paid attention to me the first fucking time Shit happens And because you have allowed these mother fuckers control us – we have given them the power to do as they so choose and because of this everything our Fore Fathers fought till death to create for us and being slowly destroyed and illl be dammmed if i fucking i sit here and let it happen – Its time for a change and wheater you dipshits like it or not its going to happen Its time for a new era where WE THE PEOPLE stand for something and fight back what was rightfully ours in the first place We are creating a world 1 man leader – and you guys are so fucking stupid u cant see it Barack Obama – THINK ABOUT IT all of the shit he has done he has signed over 900+ executive orders since he has been a president – he created the Obama Heatlh care and for what? to create this world a more fucked up place You dipshits allowed our Veterans that fought in the War’s in a hospital trying to get treatment and since u allowed this it has DRASTICALLY hurt thousands of vets around the USA the sad thing is if you dipshits knew how old i trully was you would be amazed at how a person like me knows all this It is sad and you fucking 50+ year old mother fuckers creating all these godam laws – U niggas gonna be dead in fucking 20 years – Im going to still be here and guess what? Im going to be putting up with your shit that you fucking created There are people that create laws that is not even in congress that can go straight past the system and allow it in – The president has no say so The president is just a mask my friends and you need to realize this When society fights back against the government is the day a new revalation will start – a new era where Society fought back against the Evil its self With that said i propose this Im going to leak this exploit and allow you guys to decide what you want to do with it Do you want to make the USA Government get off there asses and do there fucking job? Or will you just allow this 0day to float around as if it does not exist You Decide Its time for the public to make decisions Not the Government —————————————————————————————————————— iLON Remote Terminal Access to Control SCADA systems What can you do with this? lol well you tell me 🙂 https://i45.tinypic.com/34p1dn8.png Okay so maybe you dont want to log in via a telnet session why not login to FTP? https://i45.tinypic.com/15rnx8g.png Do you guys remember the 2,000 + SCADA control systems thing i posted where u get access to City Grids , Water power support systems , Pools ( heating , temperature ) City street lights , Oil & Gas , the list goes on and on my friends I have warned the Government for MONTHS and MONTHS i have reported this to the USA Department of Homeland and Security and the FBI THEY DIDNT DO A GODAM FUCKING THING well guess what mother fuckers times a changing and its time they get off there asses and fucking listen to us I bet your asses this will get fixed fast as fuck 🙂 Anyways this exploit will be released in a series of events Since i have posted around 8 pastebins in regards to SCADA systems that effects very very demanding systems – they have yet to be fixed So i will release this exploit in 8 different steps each day a new scada gets released until the USA Government listens to us and fixes it – + i ask you the public to create a message and send it to a e-mail i will post on my twitter This message will allow you to say what you have always wanted to say to the government but you couldnt because you know it would never get to the right people Well people today i give you a gift – a gift that allows you to do this Im risking my life possibly going to prison or probably die from them – But if that does happen Do you know what that means my friends? That means i have succeed in my goals They listened They got embarrassed They knew they was wrong So they will come after me – But The day the USA Government is frightened by a Civilian is the day Society will start a new You will have to look at my twitter to see when i paste the email it will be by tonight or tomorrow i will give the E-mail out on the 8th day of my SCADA release this allows you allow 7 days to create what you want to show the Government how you feel With that said iLON Terminal server login: – Read first -> https://pastebin.com/BjFgT6kB – Then read -> https://pastebin.com/C9CZcm2k Ready for the embarrassment? that controls some of the worlds most critical systems? username: iLON password: iLON You can thank echealon for hard coding that in there 🙂 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hex000101 I am not Anonymous I am just a Human Being I am just a Civilian I stand for what is right and i will go against those that are not You Created this – We will end it mother fuckers

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