HHS breach tool reveals two more breaches

In addition to the Cook County HHS breach reported in a separate entry and in addition to a few breaches that were already revealed in the media, the most recent update to HHS’s breach tool reveals two other breaches recently reported to them:

Zarzamora Family Dental Care in San Antonio,Texas reported that 800 patients were notified of a breach that occurred on October 15, when a desktop computer was stolen. There is no notice on their web site at the time of this posting and a small media report by KENS5 does not add any details about the types of information involved.

Hospital Auxilio Mutuo in Puerto Rico reported that 1000 patients were affected by a breach that occurred on or about November 19. Somewhat confusingly, the incident is described in HHS’s logs as “Theft, Unauthorized Access/Disclosure, Hacking/IT Incident” of data stored on “Laptop, Desktop Computer.” I cannot find any statement on their web site at the time of this posting nor any media coverage from available English sources.

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