HHS head calls for voluntary e-health privacy guidelines

Bob Brewin reports:

The head of the Health and Human Services Department called for the health care industry to develop voluntary guidelines to ensure the privacy of patient-controlled personal health records rather than allow the federal government to mandate rules.

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt, speaking Monday at the Nationwide Health Information Network Forum in Washington, said if the government mandated how vendors must protect the privacy of personal electronic health records, then he would not see widespread adoption of e-health records “in my lifetime.”

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  1. Anonymous - December 20, 2008

    wll these guidelines are really a big necessity.

  2. Anonymous - December 23, 2008

    “well these guidelines are really a big necessity.”

    yeah they really are

  3. Anonymous - December 27, 2008

    How old is Mike Leavitt anyways? when his time frame is “my lifetime” i really hope thats sooner than later.

  4. Anonymous - December 27, 2008

    According to Wikipedia, he’s almost 58. So maybe that’s sooner rather than later.

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