HI: Criminal Charges Possible For Cop In Facebook Scandal

Keoki Kerr reports:

KITV 4 News has learned prosecutors and police are trying to bring criminal charges against a Honolulu police officer who posted a hospital-bed photograph of an alleged thief on his Facebook page.

The Honolulu Police Department began an internal affairs investigation after KITV 4 News notified the department of the photo Monday.

An HPD patrol officer posted the photo on his Facebook page with the caption: “See when you like steal copper.” The photo showed the 40-year-old suspected copper wire thief badly burned earlier this month, in a hospital bed at Straub Hospital’s burn unit. His upper body is exposed with burns to his skin.

Read more on KITV, but ignore their somewhat mangled explanation of HIPAA.

And if your organization still doesn’t have a social media policy, why not?

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