HI: Security Breach Affects 15,487 KCC Students

KITV reports:

More than 15,000 students at Kapiolani Community College face an identity theft risk because of an Internet security breach, school officials said.

School officials found a computer on April 15 with the personal information of 15, 487 students who applied for financial aid between January 2004 and April 15 that was infected with malware that can steal sensitive data. The computer did not have sensitive information, but it was hooked up to a network that had access to names, addresses, phone numbers dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

In a notice on its web site, KCC states, “While our forensic investigation provided no evidence that any sensitive information was actually accessed by the infected computer, neither did it rule out that possibility.” KCC also posted an FAQ and issued a press release (pdf) on the incident.

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