High Commission of India, Singapore hacked, “critical data leaked” by Bangladesh Cyber Army

BCA, Bangladesh Cyber Army has claimed to of hacked the High Commission of India, Singapore website and leaked what they are calling possible critical data and information which contains passport details and other information. The attack is apart of the on going cyber war between Bangladeshi hackers and Indian hackers and the on going real life war between the boarders which is seeing people killed.

Reasons and message to india from BCA. 1. Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely… 2. Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders… 3. Stop Tipaimukh Dam… 4. Sign the "Teesta Water Sharing Treaty"… 5.Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India… 6. Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh… 7. Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way…


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