Hijacking of AV firms’ websites may be linked to hack on Network Solutions

Dan Goodin reports:

At least three high-profile websites that receive services from Network Solutions have been hijacked in recent days in attacks that are prompting speculation that the compromises are the result of a security lapse inside the popular domain registrar and Web host.

Competing antivirus providers Avira and AVG are confirmed to have been hit, as was messaging software developer Whatsapp.

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  1. IA Eng - October 10, 2013

    Some sites are saying that social engineering was involved, the hackers simply either asked the rep to send a password reset, or posed as a rep for the companies. Typically all it takes is a friendly voice asking nicely, and the rep gets comfortable and hits the OK button. Bad move.

    Now a days, with all the breaches and username and passwords floating around, I am sure there are people who use the same password on many sites. Only a matter of time before the breaches become easier, once an evil DB is created, or a program which uses a text file allowing massive user name and password combinations to test them out on different sites.

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