Hirsche Private Asset Emergency Announcement Regarding Breach of IT Security by Hacker Group

ZHONGZHENG DISTRICT, TaiwanJan. 7, 2015/PRNewswire/ — The company is currently investigating the malicious attacks that have shut down the ITs infrastructure. Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd. urgently asks any clientele that are contacted by third parties not known to them to ignore any information requests or offers. Client data is thought to have been exposed and Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd. urges extreme caution until the ongoing investigations are completed.

The outstanding balances, certificates and all other obligations will be delivered to the corporation’s clientele. Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd. asks patience from anyone affected by these events as the corporation cannot currently communicate electronically. Technical engineers are currently verifying that viruses and other possibly damaging software is not unintentionally transmitted to the third parties by such communication. At Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd., a professional team has been recruited to ensure that every client has their account secured and free from any improprieties.

The team’s expert and experienced advice is being made available, with a detailed knowledge of personal circumstances and decision making stakeholders; inclusive of family, financial advisers and business interests, all of which enables a superior personal plan to be created.

“We recommend that you undertake your own due diligence in relation to anything you are considering purchasing or selling, including seeking independent legal and financial advice in relation to your own financial objectives and personal circumstances,” says a spokesperson for Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd.

Once again the company asks for patience during this extraordinary situation and offers its utmost apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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