HK: Computer with 3,600 patients’ information stolen

RTHK reports:

A laptop computer, containing information of more than 3,600 patients, has allegedly been stolen at Queen Mary Hospital. The computer belongs to the Department of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong.

The case has been reported to police and the privacy commissioner. The university has apologised to the affected patients.

And that’s all they reported. There is no statement on the hospital’s web site at the time of this posting. This is the third incident reported for this entity on this blog in the past six years, and if that’s all they’ve had, I’d say they’re doing pretty darn well for a regional hospital center, even though I’m sure they’re taking this seriously to prevent a future recurrence.

Update: The South China Morning Post provides additional details:

An initial assessment revealed that the personal information of 3,675 patients including their names, Hong Kong identity card and telephone numbers, diagnoses and medication list could have ended up in the wrong hands, although data for 901 of those patients was encrypted. According to a statement by the department, a person can log into the system only by using a registered username and password.



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