HK: Personal data, medical history of 100,000 OT&P Healthcare patients may have been compromised in cyberattack

Lars Hamer reports:

The personal data and medical history of about 100,000 patients of a Hong Kong healthcare group could have been leaked because of a cyberattack last Thursday, the operator confirmed with the Post.

OT&P Healthcare CEO Robin Green on Monday said the cyberattack took place within the clinic’s management and operating system. “That system holds both patient identity and medical records. We have no idea … how much data was taken,” he said.

Read more at SCMP.  From what’s been made public, it’s not clear or confirmed that this was a ransomware attack as there’s been no mention yet of any demands.

Of note, SCMP reports that all patients were notified of the attack via email on Friday. Have we ever seen that here? Like 100,000 patients notified by email within 24 hours of a cyberattack? I’m having trouble recalling anything like that.

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